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I belong to a community of hundreds of others who have shared the experience of appearing on Shark Tank and it's been a great source of support and learning for me. So I started this podcast hoping that the wisdom and experience of these exceptional entrepreneurs could add value to you too.

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Ayaan and Mickey Naqvi – Wisdom Beyond Their Years

These teenagers are goals – period. Ayaan and Mickey Naqvi (14 and 15 years old at the time of this podcast) are the most impressive teens I have ever encountered. They have appeared on Shark Tank not once but twice, and, despite not getting a deal both times, their passion, drive, and positive attitudes are…


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Kirby Holmes – A Breath of Fresh Air

An N95 air filter mask – for your dog? That’s precisely what Kirby Holmes, my recent Lessons From The Tank Podcast guest, invented and pitched on Shark Tank. It may sound crazy at first – and a few of the Sharks thought so, too – but maybe you live in an area prone to wildfires,…

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Lance & Kim Burney – Make it Fun

Kim Burney noticed how the people in her family jumped at the chance to use chainsaws when she suggested that the trees on their property needed to be trimmed. So when she asked if anyone would like to carve the Thanksgiving turkey and got crickets from the whole crowd, she joked that if they could…


Don Lessem – Start From The Top

Dinosaurs. Just the word fires up the imaginations of young and old alike – and nobody knows dinosaurs better than Don Lessem! To say he is one of the most fascinating guests I’ve had on my Lessons From The Tank podcast would be an understatement! Here are just a few facts about Don: He is…


Ryan and Jenn Cmich – Communication is Key – No Matter How It’s Done

Saying what you want can sometimes be a struggle, and many times people hold back for fear of being met with rejection. So what if there was a way to always know when you and your partners’ desires aligned? Wouldn’t that be nice! Enter LoveSync; a bedside button or phone app that partners can use…


Alex Arkhangelskiy and Henry Li – Design + Function = A Winning Combination

What problem is your product solving? That’s the question every inventor has to ask before diving into the world of entrepreneurship. Alex Arkhangelskiy and Henry Li, Shark Tank entrepreneurs, avid motorcycle enthusiasts, and the inventors of Brake Free Tech, recognized a universal and dangerous problem for bikers; they are often overlooked and unseen by other drivers on…


Skylar Bennett – Durability In Everyday Life

Millions of people wake up five days a week, put on a suit and tie, and head to work. Skylar Bennett and his business partner Kevin Shoemaker, both former real estate agents, were tired of wasting money on new ties every time one got stained or damaged – which happens often! This problem led them…


Jake and Michelle Sendowski – A Golden Ticket Idea

Once a year, Lori Greiner gives out a “golden ticket” to her favorite product idea on Shark Tank, and my Lessons From The Tank podcast guests, Jake and Michelle Sendowski, were stunned when she chose their invention, Souper Cubes, as the 2020 recipient! This simple but handy product made to save money and reduce food waste…

- Joe Altieri - Shark Tank Entrepreneur - FlexScreen

Beth Fynbo – It’s Never Too Late To Chase Your Dreams

Can you relate to this scenario? You’re trying to enjoy a nice meal at a restaurant, but you (and others) are constantly distracted by your child throwing their toys and utensils on the floor. Take a bite – pick up a toy. Take a bite, pick up a fork. Take a bite, pick up a…

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Lindsey Fleischhauer – Shopping With Babies – The Struggle Is Real

Lindsey Fleischhauer – Shopping With Babies – The Struggle Is Real If you’ve ever tried grocery shopping with a baby, you know the struggle is real! Carrying a car seat on your arm while searching through the aisles almost feels impossible, but placing a huge car seat in the shopping cart limits your space for…

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Kim Meckwood – Try, Try, and Try Again

Kim Meckwood – Try, Try, and Try Again Kim Meckwood is a two-time breast cancer survivor and one of the most determined people I’ve ever met. Her story of grit and unbelievable perseverance is beyond inspiring! She holds the record for the most auditions before getting on Shark Tank with seven tries! “No” just means…