Alex Arkhangelskiy and Henry Li – Design + Function = A Winning Combination


What problem is your product solving? That's the question every inventor has to ask before diving into the world of entrepreneurship.

Alex Arkhangelskiy and Henry Li, Shark Tank entrepreneurs, avid motorcycle enthusiasts, and the inventors of Brake Free Tech, recognized a universal and dangerous problem for bikers; they are often overlooked and unseen by other drivers on the road. So they set out to solve this problem and didn't let anything stop them, including the COVID pandemic that was happening at the same time.

Alex and Henry's Brake Free Light is a brilliant, sleek, stylish motorcycle technology invention that can be attached to any helmet. This potentially life-saving accessory vastly improves the visibility of a biker (day and night) with its built-in wireless brake detection system that lights up as a biker begins to slow down.

Brake Free Tech is helping to lead the way in motorcycle safety, and I was honored to host these two young, bright, and savvy entrepreneurs on my Lessons From The Tank podcast. In this episode, we discuss the following and more:

  • The importance of having the right people on your development team
  • How to take the first steps toward launching your product idea
  • The positive impact of crowdfunding campaigns
  • The effectiveness of internships and connections to people searching for a career they can be passionate about

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