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What I'm About

I'm a serial entrepreneur - born with both an adventurous and entrepreneurial spirit; I've spent my life believing there's always a better (and more fun) way to do just about everything.


Eventually, that innate curiosity and drive for a better mousetrap led me to invent the world's first and only flexible window screen - which landed me on Shark Tank - which resulted in a deal with Lori Greiner (the Queen of QVC) - which catapulted my business in some pretty unbelievable ways. (You can read the full history of FlexScreen here.)


Although I'm old enough to be a grandfather, I'm still young enough to think I'm not that old, and I act accordingly most of the time. Seeking outdoor adventures has led me to many exciting and sometimes dangerous places where I take some calculated risks - some that work, some that don't. In this way, my personal life parallels my professional life, and I wouldn't have it any other way.


As the great Wayne Gretzky once said (or was it Michael Scott?) - "You miss 100% of the shots you don't take." I don't mind missing once in a while, but you'll never find me on the sidelines without the ball.


Now I spend my days leading, speaking, training, blogging, podcasting, and, of course, still dreaming of better mousetraps. I've gained a large following as a leading expert in the window and door industry, but my experience as an inventor, a leader, and an entrepreneur reaches far beyond any one industry. Using all that I've learned to help others reach their full potential is a big part of what I aspire to. Use the contact form to inquire about the possibility of having me as a keynote or guest speaker at your trade show or leadership event.

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I'm a family man - married to my high school sweetheart, Alisha, for over 25 years - with four kids, four grandkids, and two very pampered and entitled Cane Corsos. We all still like each other enough to get together every Sunday for dinner, and I consider our healthy family life to be my most important and highest achievement. 

"FlexScreen is a game changer, it’s the easiest and best screen I have ever seen! Joe and his team are great to work with! So happy to have him in my Shark Tank family."

-Lori Greiner



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The 100-year old technology behind traditional window screens hasn’t changed in, well, 100 years. Bent aluminum frames, scratched paint, broken hardware and complicated installation and removal are just some of the problems that begged a solution.

So, we cleared out a workspace in the garage and determined to fix it. After years of trial and error, we emerged with an innovative, durable, effortless, and beautiful product that simply revolutionized the industry. Just flex our high-performance spring steel frame, slide it into the window screen pocket, let go and enjoy the view!

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After winning awards, shattering sales goals, and being contacted to appear on the hit show, Shark Tank, as a result of vigorous social media marketing, FlexScreen sought to maximize its digital footprint by partnering with its marketing agency. A new brand - Reflex Brands - was created as a way for the resources, creativity, and passion that built FlexScreen to be available to you.

Whether you're looking for web and graphic design, digital advertising, search engine optimization, or social media marketing, our cutting edge digital services will propel your brand to the forefront in today's crowded marketplace.

Every 2 minutes, a child dies from malaria

Our goal is to stop this by partnering with organizations based in Africa. A portion of every screen we sell with be donated to stop the spread of this preventable disease.