Maxwell Cohen – Become An Expert

Maxwell Cohen – Become An Expert


Maxwell Cohen, Inventor of Peelaways disposable bed sheets, was fresh out of college and had no idea what he was in for when he took his brand new product on a "millennial start-up focused" episode of Shark Tank. But the experience, even though it was pretty brutal and didn't end with a deal, put him on a new path and strengthened his determination to make his product a success.

Maxwell is so impressive and had so much business wisdom to share for such a young guy! I encourage you to check out all that he had to say, but here are a few highlights: He emphasizes that business owners don't work for themselves; they work for their customers - and listening is key. From the Sharks' advice to customer feedback, Maxwell took it all in and worked to make Peelaways better understood, higher quality, and more accessible. He is currently on his 33rd version of the product. The name has changed (from the original "FreSheet"), the target audience and marketing have changed, a subscription service has been added, and Maxwell has become a textiles expert, traveling the world to gain experience and knowledge in the field. Did I mention "impressive"?

Today Peelaways, the first multilayered, disposable, 100% waterproof fitted sheet, holds multiple patents and is disrupting the bedding industry, saving time, water, detergent, and money for caregivers, parents, and medical facilities worldwide.

Learn more and purchase Peelaways at, Amazon, and home health drug and pharmacy locations nationwide. (Be sure to check out their great reviews on Amazon!)

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