Jake and Michelle Sendowski – A Golden Ticket Idea


Once a year, Lori Greiner gives out a "golden ticket" to her favorite product idea on Shark Tank, and my Lessons From The Tank podcast guests, Jake and Michelle Sendowski, were stunned when she chose their invention, Souper Cubes, as the 2020 recipient! This simple but handy product made to save money and reduce food waste won Lori over because, in her own words, she "couldn't find anything wrong with it!"

Souper Cubes is a sturdy, freezable silicone tray with individual sections that are easy to reheat, making portion control and meal prep more convenient while eliminating waste.

Tune in to this episode of Lessons From The Tank to hear how Jake and Michelle were able to win the exact deal they were asking for on Shark Tank, how they navigated their business through the pandemic, the advice they have for others looking to take that first step, and much more!

Be sure to check out Jake and Michelle's complete product line at soupercubes.com.

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