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An N95 air filter mask – for your dog? That’s precisely what Kirby Holmes, my recent Lessons From The Tank Podcast guest, invented and pitched on Shark Tank.

It may sound crazy at first – and a few of the Sharks thought so, too – but maybe you live in an area prone to wildfires, red tide brevetoxin, pollen allergens, desert dust, volcanic ash, etc. During these events, if there is no evacuation, your dog still needs to go outside and be walked. Kirby realized that if a person felt the need to wear a mask to protect themselves from environmental toxins, their dog is breathing that same air and should be protected too.

Kirby, and his cousin Evan Daughterty, did a deep dive into canine respiratory health. They met with multiple professors who specialize in this field, sought expert advice, and followed scientific data before bringing launching K9 Mask.

Reviews were mixed, mainly because many believed that masking might be more harmful to the animal than the toxins they were breathing and that they may just be trying to capitalize on the Coronavirus. The team took some heat from the public for a while but continued their steadfast journey for animal safety.

In this episode of my Lessons From The Tank podcast, Kirby talks about how they handled the pressure and the true heart behind their invention. He shares what they learned from their experience in the Tank and what’s next for their business.

Check out for the complete product line and story behind K9 Mask.

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