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Kim Burney noticed how the people in her family jumped at the chance to use chainsaws when she suggested that the trees on their property needed to be trimmed. So when she asked if anyone would like to carve the Thanksgiving turkey and got crickets from the whole crowd, she joked that if they could do it with a chainsaw, they would have all been fighting over the job. And that's how the Mighty Carver was born - one of the most fun products I've seen on Shark Tank!

Kim and her husband Lance appeared in Season 12, Episode 4 of Shark Tank, and they had to choose between 4 of the Sharks battling for the deal. And since The Mighty Carver appeared on the show, incredible things have happened. When we recorded this episode, Mighty Carver was scheduled to be featured on the Home Shopping Network, it had been on the cover of Sharper Image, and Lance and Kim had a meeting set with a big box store. They even got the attention of one of the world's largest chainsaw manufacturers, who reached out for a meeting.

There were some bumps along the road, though, and some lessons learned the hard way for these new entrepreneurs. Kim and Lance gained a lot of wisdom and insight from those experiences and shared some great tips for how to avoid the mistakes they made.

Be sure to check out this episode and The Mighty Carver. It would be an excellent gift for the holidays!

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