Ryan and Jenn Cmich – Communication is Key – No Matter How It’s Done


Saying what you want can sometimes be a struggle, and many times people hold back for fear of being met with rejection. So what if there was a way to always know when you and your partners' desires aligned? Wouldn't that be nice! Enter LoveSync; a bedside button or phone app that partners can use to communicate their desires in a more playful and efficient way.

In this episode of Lessons From The Tank, married couple Ryan and Jenn Cmich, inventors of LoveSync, share their Shark Tank experience and the importance of communicating a message with its true intention. While their intention, which is to enhance romantic communication between couples, was slightly misinterpreted by the Sharks - their LoveSync invention is a clever communication tool to make saying what you need to say so much easier!

It was a pleasure to host Ryan ad Jenn. With their combined engineering and relationship counseling backgrounds, they brought a lot of value-add thoughts and ideas to this episode.

To learn more visit: LoveSync.com

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