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Dinosaurs. Just the word fires up the imaginations of young and old alike - and nobody knows dinosaurs better than Don Lessem! To say he is one of the most fascinating guests I’ve had on my Lessons From The Tank podcast would be an understatement! Here are just a few facts about Don:

  • He is a writer of over 50 popular science books specializing in dinosaurs.
  • He was the founder of the Dinosaur Society and the Jurassic Foundation, which have raised millions for dinosaur research.
  • He was Science Advisor to Steven Spielberg on the original Jurassic Park movie.
  • He has a bachelor’s degree in art history, a master’s in animal behavior, AND an actual dinosaur named after him – an accomplishment that only a handful of people today can claim.

Don got a deal with Mark Cuban for his animatronics company, Dino Don, which creates accurate life-sized robotic dinosaurs, dragons, sea creatures, and more for exhibition in zoos and museums worldwide. (In fact, he was so sure of what he wanted that Don wore a shirt on the show that said “We love you Mark Cuban” on the back.)

In this episode of Lessons From The Tank, Don shares wisdom from his years of experience as an entrepreneur and world traveler, including business gold like this;

  • Always have three projects going within your scope of business: The first is the one that’s working, the second is the one that you’re working on, and the third is the one you’re brainstorming.
  • Start from the top and work your way down. Go big. Go for the thing (investor, venue, customer, etc.) you want most and if that doesn’t work out, move to the next.

You don’t want to miss this episode of Lessons From The Tank!

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