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"I'm a life-long innovator, entrepreneur, and problem solver who turned my cutting-edge invention, FlexScreen - the world's first and only flexible window screen - into a thriving multi-million-dollar company. I want to help you do the same."

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Leading Your Business Through Personal Hardships

In this debut episode of the Lessons From The Tank Podcast, I thought it was only fitting to feature my friend and fellow Shark Tank entrepreneur, Tiffany Krumins. Tiffany was the first guest who made the first deal on Shark Tank’s pilot episode when Barbara Corcoran invested in her genius invention, the Ava The Elephant…


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Being Vulnerable

Being Vulnerable To risk failure and embarrassment, even on a very small scale, is enough to scare some people away from pursuing their passions and their dreams. So, what’s it like to put yourself and your product out there in front of millions of people on national television? Specifically, on ABC’s hit show, Shark Tank?…

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with the Queen of QVC, Lori Greiner


Got Passion?

I wonder how Jamie Siminoff, CEO of Doorbot, felt in 2013 when he appeared on Shark Tank, was rejected by four out of five Sharks, ...
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joe altieri Risk and Reward

Risk And (Sometimes) Reward

Risk And (Sometimes) Reward I'm not known for my patience, and my wife would attest that this is an extreme understatement. Sometimes my impatience can ...
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Wait Not, Want Not

Wait Not, Want Not They say the devil is in the details, and I can't disagree with that statement. A new to-do list filled with ...
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Why So Serious?

Why So Serious? Did you ever see the viral videos of that guy that sets up a table on a busy street and invites lively ...
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what are you looking at?

Ever heard the quote, "We are born with our eyes shut and our mouth open - a flaw of nature that most of us never ...
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“Dodge, Duck, Dip, Dive, and Dodge” -Patches O’Houlihan

"Dodge, Duck, Dip, Dive, and Dodge" - Patches O'Houlihan "If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball," Patches O'Houlinan tells the unwitting ...
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