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"I'm a life-long innovator, entrepreneur, and problem solver who turned my cutting-edge invention, FlexScreen - the world's first and only flexible window screen - into a thriving multi-million-dollar company. I want to help you do the same."

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Kirby Holmes – A Breath of Fresh Air

An N95 air filter mask – for your dog? That’s precisely what Kirby Holmes, my recent Lessons From The Tank Podcast guest, invented and pitched on Shark Tank. It may sound crazy at first – and a few of the Sharks thought so, too – but maybe you live in an area prone to wildfires,…

Lance & Kim Burney – Make it Fun

Kim Burney noticed how the people in her family jumped at the chance to use chainsaws when she suggested that the trees on their property needed to be trimmed. So when she asked if anyone would like to carve the Thanksgiving turkey and got crickets from the whole crowd, she joked that if they could…

Don Lessem – Start From The Top

Dinosaurs. Just the word fires up the imaginations of young and old alike – and nobody knows dinosaurs better than Don Lessem! To say he is one of the most fascinating guests I’ve had on my Lessons From The Tank podcast would be an understatement! Here are just a few facts about Don: He is…


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You Need Gratitude

It was an honor to host Brittinay Lenhart on this episode of the Dare To Be Different Podcast. Currently, Brittinay is a Work Culture Stragegist, but her life story is one of extreme adventure and gratitude. Among other things, Brittinay has been a fighter aircraft engine mechanic in the Air Force and the personal flight…

Living a Healthy Lifestyle

“If it’s important to you, why don’t you put it in your schedule?” That’s just one of the many questions, thoughts, and insights that fellow Shark Tank entrepreneur and fitness and mindset coach Ashley Drummonds challenged me with during our time together in this episode of the Dare To Be Different Podcast. Ashley shares some…

Knocking on Death’s Door

On this week’s episode of the Dare To Be Different Podcast, I sit down with my wife, Alisha, to discuss the importance of living life to the fullest. HOSTED BY: Joe Altieri GUESTS: Alisha Altieri

Being Vulnerable

To risk failure and embarrassment, even on a very small scale, is enough to scare some people away from pursuing their passions and their dreams. So, what’s it like to put yourself and your product out there in front of millions of people on national television? Specifically, on ABC’s hit show, Shark Tank? On this…


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The Question That Saved My Business

Dissent. Disagreement. Division. Divisiveness. Dog and pony show. Dereliction of Duty. Demonization. (Why do they all start with D?) Raise your hand if you're sick ...
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Humble Confidence: How Do You Do That?

"Pitch me outside, and I will hit .400. Pitch me inside, and you will not find the ball.  -Roberto Clemente Roberto Clemente, who played 18 ...
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A Towering Truth About Leadership: It’s The Little Things

I am the CEO of my organization, and from keynote speaker to road crew and everything in between - if there's a need and I'm ...
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Still Relevant 150 Years Later – Henry Ford Had Leadership Essentials Down To A T

He was born to farmers of modest means in 1863, but when he died, Henry Ford's net worth was equal to that of Elon Musk's ...
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This Is What’s Missing From Your Resolutions

In 1953, Sir Edmund Hillary made history when he and his climbing companion, Tenzing Norgay, planted the very first human footsteps at the top of ...
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The Cheeseheads Are On To Something

"Excessive, inordinate zeal." "Entertaining wild and extravagant notions." "Obsessive enthusiasm." Did the above descriptions strike you as positive or negative? If you said "positive," you ...
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