You Need Gratitude


It was an honor to host Brittinay Lenhart on this episode of the Dare To Be Different Podcast. Currently, Brittinay is a Work Culture Stragegist, but her life story is one of extreme adventure and gratitude. Among other things, Brittinay has been a fighter aircraft engine mechanic in the Air Force and the personal flight attendant to the Secretary of Defense. She has jumped out of planes, traveled the world, and experienced more adventure than most of us will see in a lifetime.

Brittinay also talks about a time when she was in a highly toxic work environment. The adverse effects the culture had on her mental health were striking, and she knew she had to go. The passion to help others avoid that negativity in the workplace and thrive is what led her to create Work Culture Consultant.

Join us for this inspirational talk as Brittinay shares her incredible experiences, drops some valuable wisdom, reveals her favorite place on earth (and why it’s her favorite), and stresses the importance that gratitude plays in living your best life.

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HOSTED BY: Joe Altieri

GUESTS: Brittinay Lenhart