Living a Healthy Lifestyle


"If it's important to you, why don't you put it in your schedule?"

That's just one of the many questions, thoughts, and insights that fellow Shark Tank entrepreneur and fitness and mindset coach Ashley Drummonds challenged me with during our time together in this episode of the Dare To Be Different Podcast.

Ashley shares some life-changing tips and tricks about having a healthy lifestyle, but she goes deeper than just the physical and talks about the importance of our emotional health and how it's all connected. We cover topics from "imposter syndrome" to self-sabotage, to how to define your own success, and more, and I believe you will find great value in these 30 minutes.

Be sure to check out Ashley's website - and her weekly podcast called Phoenix Rising - for a wealth of health and wholeness information that will help put you on the path to an extraordinary life.

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HOSTED BY: Joe Altieri

GUESTS: Ashley Drummonds