Lindsey Fleischhauer - Shopping With Babies - The Struggle Is Real

- Joe Altieri - Shark Tank Entrepreneur - FlexScreen

If you've ever tried grocery shopping with a baby, you know the struggle is real! Carrying a car seat on your arm while searching through the aisles almost feels impossible, but placing a huge car seat in the shopping cart limits your space for groceries. My recent Lessons From The Tank podcast guest, Lindsey Fleischhauer, a Shark Tank entrepreneur and young mom, struggled with this problem and knew there had to be a better way.

I really enjoyed hearing Lindsey's story about how she and her father worked together to create the Totes Babies Car Seat Carrier. This "simple genius" horizontal hammock clips safely across the top of almost any size shopping cart, and babies car seat rests on it and straps securely in place, leaving all the space below open.

Check out this episode of Lessons From The Tank to learn about Lindsey's story, including her take on the pros and cons of working with family, details about her Shark Tank journey, and more!

Lindsey didn't stop at a car seat carrier and has since developed some other helpful products - not just for kids! Be sure to visit for complete details.

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