Kim Meckwood - Try, Try, and Try Again

- Joe Altieri - Shark Tank Entrepreneur - FlexScreen

Kim Meckwood is a two-time breast cancer survivor and one of the most determined people I've ever met. Her story of grit and unbelievable perseverance is beyond inspiring! She holds the record for the most auditions before getting on Shark Tank with seven tries!

"No" just means "no for now," according to Kim, and she has lived that out with remarkable persistence. That persistence especially paid off when she landed a deal with Barbara Corcoran and Mark Cuban for her brilliant invention, Click & Carry.

Initially designed to help you easily carry multiple shopping bags at once without crushing your fingers or breaking your arm (can't we all relate?!), Click & Carry has since expanded to many other helpful options. Lug paint cans, ski boots, work gear, loads of sporting equipment, and more with this simple, game-changing product.

In this episode of Lessons From The Tank, Kim shares - with her contagious passion - the following and much more:

  • Her inspiration for Click & Carry
  • Advice for entrepreneurs who want to be on Shark Tank
  • How to maintain a positive outlook despite adversity
  • Her personal struggles and overcoming breast cancer - twice

Kim has also created a special pink breast cancer awareness Click & Carry, and for each one sold, she donates 10% of the proceeds to the National Breast Cancer Coalition. Be sure to visit to learn more about Kim's story and her products.

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