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My journey from inventing a product in my garage to appearing on national television in front of 30+ million people was a virtual roller coaster! I learned so much from the whole experience and wanted a way to share some of those insights, so welcome to my blog! I believe that everyone can benefit in some way from these Lessons From The Tank!

joe altieri 11 Well That's Different

Well, That’s Different

Differentiation is the future of my business, and yours. We describe companies that are not moving forward as stagnant, but I’m not so sure that’s a thing. You’re always moving toward something. Either you’re hammering your way toward innovation, or you’re pounding nails into the coffin of your business.

Cheating Fair pic

Make Sure You’re Cheating Fair

I believe that a) work-life balance is a myth – we are all “cheating” something to make something else work, and b) our businesses and professional lives will only rise, and (sustainably) thrive, to the level of our relationships.

joe altieri 13 Confident or a jerk

Are You Confident, or Just a Jerk?

Confidence is tricky because so often, it blurs the line with arrogance. Strong belief in yourself, your mission, your product, etc., when misunderstood, is almost always perceived as arrogance.

joe altieri 14 Flawless Presentation

Flawless Presentation

Let’s face it – we’re always selling something. Ourselves. Our ideas. Our products. Something. So what are the factors that determine if people are buying?

It Takes A Team pic1

It Takes a Team

I did a pretty dumb thing recently. At a very critical moment of public recognition, in front of the press and hundreds of the most important people in my life, I forgot about my team.