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My journey from inventing a product in my garage to appearing on national television in front of 30+ million people was a virtual roller coaster! I learned so much from the whole experience and wanted a way to share some of those insights, so welcome to my blog! I believe that everyone can benefit in some way from these Lessons From The Tank!

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A Conversation And A Mini Skirt

You may be familiar with the analogy about good conversations and mini-skirts; both should be short enough to grab attention but long enough to cover the subject. That’s an easy way to remember one of the golden rules of good conversations; be brief but thorough. The rest of the guidelines might be a little more difficult to visualize and recall. Still, they’re just as vital if you want to have better overall communication which is imperative to good leadership and healthy relationships. Here are a few of the best conversation practices I’ve found.


To Meet Or Not To Meet

As a general rule, employees hate meetings because a meeting where everything is relevant to everyone, and all parties are energized and engaged, is almost non-existent. So, what could I do, and how can we as leaders make it better? Here are some ideas.

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Make Your Bed. Or Don’t.

“Successful people are confident in what they believe and the ways they go about reaching their potential. But they are also equally aware that one size does not fit all. They are as committed to their goals as they are to constantly reevaluating their methods…”

joe altieri_01 Got Passion

Got Passion?

“No” is a necessary response – to give and to accept – in a lot of leadership, life, and business situations. But sometimes, it should be out of the question. But how do you know? I believe that largely depends on one thing – passion.

joe altieri Risk and Reward

Risk And (Sometimes) Reward

I’m not known for my patience, and my wife would attest that this is an extreme understatement. Sometimes my impatience can lead me down some dangerous paths. Here’s an example of one of my riskiest (and potentially most foolish) business moves that happened because I was tired of waiting.

joe altieri 03 Wait not want not

Wait Not, Want Not

They say the devil is in the details, and I can’t disagree with that statement. A new to-do list filled with worthy projects always invigorates me – for a little while. But then, the responsibility required to make it all happen kind of kills the vibe, doesn’t it?

joe altieri 04 Why so serious

Why So Serious?

Did you ever see the viral videos of that guy that sets up a table on a busy street and invites lively debate by putting up a sign with a provocative statement that ends with “Change My Mind”? Well, here’s mine;
LinkedIn needs a “laugh” emoji.

joe altieri 05 What are you looking at

what are you looking at?

Ever heard the quote, “We are born with our eyes shut and our mouth open – a flaw of nature that most of us never overcome”? I don’t know about you, but I find it all too relatable in my own life. Why is it so hard to see something from someone else’s perspective? Probably…

joe altieri 06 Dodge duck dip

“Dodge, Duck, Dip, Dive, and Dodge” -Patches O’Houlihan

If you own or run a business or have any type of leadership role, you’ve probably learned a thing or two about scrambling to save yourself from unexpected, potentially painful situations. And if you’re going to play the game, you better be light on your feet, keenly aware of your surroundings, and ready to move because someone on the other side will always be looking to fire a kill shot – or throw a wrench.

joe altieri 07 Decisions Decisions

Decisions, Decisions

Do you tend to overthink and detail things to death? Do you have to research every feasible outcome, feel completely ready before making a final decision, and then second-guess yourself anyway? (I’ll raise my hand a little bit on this one.)

joe altieri 08 You Got This

You Got This

As leaders, we have to will ourselves not to throw up our hands and slip into complacency when we’re feeling overwhelmed. How our companies emerge from all of this madness will depend on how we lead through it, and your teams are looking to you for calmness, reason, stability, and hope. So how do you provide all of that in the midst of extreme pressure?

joe altieri 09 Solutions Win

Solutions Win

Real problems like poverty and famine, or perceived problems like a too-short phone charger cord, drive business. And innovation happens because problems (real or perceived) will always exist.